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Subaru KAPS Dogbox!!!

For sale My Kaps 5 speed dogbox in six speed big house!Front LSD!Wery good condition!Used only 500sskm as new!!!!

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Subaru N15 Reiger!!!

For sale My set of Reiger(RCV) in good condition!

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Subaru Legacy Historic

For Sale My Legacy Historic Rally car! Can make Historic Technical Passport! AP Racing Brakes,Ex Works GR.A suspensions,5 speed Quife Dogbox,KAAt Front LSD,Rear LSD,Motec ECU,New […]

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Opel Astra Diesel Rally car BEST PRICE

For Sale an Astra rally car.Full welded FIA rollcage,Mapped ECU,5 dpeed DOGBOX whit LSD,AP racing brakes,AST 3 way suspensions,hidraulik handbrake,dash brake lines,fire sistem,flocked dashboard etc.Wery […]

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Subaru Impreza N12 Best PRICE!!!

For Sale My N12 Rally car.Custom Cages velded FIA rollcage,Reiger suspension,AP VO brakes,6 Speed Kaps dogbox,Motec M800 engine managemant,Mappable DCCD ECU.Ready to race!Little spare package!For […]

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Subaru Impreza N15 GR.N

Pectel engine ECU Skacel DCCD ECU Samsonas Dogbox VO Brembo brakes VO Driveshafts Cusco Diffs Tarmac and gravel setup Lamppod,Tarmac and gravel wheels… The car […]

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Subaru Impreza USA STI

For sale My Street car!Original LHD USA STI.Forged Engine,whit ECUTEC mapping,Writeable DCCD ECU,(can switch the original),Tein Suspensions!EU papers!For More info please contact!

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Audi Cupe Quattro rally and street 2 cars!!!!!

For sale a wery rare Historic rally car whit FIA rollcage and papers!Perfect for HTP! Original cupe Quattro whit a lot of extra! Mint condition! […]

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Subaru WRC Magnesium

For sale 11 pcs Speedline WRC magnesium Wheels!Wery light and hard!Best for race!

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Subaru Impreza WRX

For sale My 2007 WRX Subaru Impreza!Only 102000km in the car.Wery good condition!After big service!For More info please contact!

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Thule T3 Trailer

For sale My trailer!New tires,LED lights,always runing whit race cars!Weight 530 kg. Max weight 2300kg.For more info please contact!

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Subaru GC8 Good Price!!!

Fully Homologe inside(new seats,belts,fire system). Fully forged engine.1100 ccm injectors. Motec M800 ECU mapped for E85 now. 6 speed Hewland dogbox whit DCCD. Rear LSD. […]

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Subaru Impreza R4 (KAPS Sequentional) FAST PRICE!!!

Full spec Subaru R4 all VO homologations (KAPS Sequentional Gearbox whit all extra) -Motec ecu -Motec diff. ecu -Motec SDL -Reiger suspensions for gravel and […]

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Mercedes 412 Service Car

For sale a Mercedes service car.300.000km good condition.New tires.Led light in the box.Generator box,full 220V electical and air lines inside.kitchen.2.5 t trailer connect.Run alvays that […]

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ZS.G 1

Subaru Impreza R4 FAST PRICE!!!

Full spec Subaru R4 all VO homologations -Motec ecu -Motec diff. ecu -Motec SDL -Tein suspensions for gravel and tarmac -AP Brakes tarmac and gravel […]

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