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экрана 2017-03-12 в 17.25.25

110 euro

Subaru WRX 4 pot & 2 pot caliper titanium pad shims

Made to prevent brake fluid boiling and caliper dust boots destruction. Low thermal conductivity titanium alloy . 4x front shims 08mm & 4x rear 08mm. […]

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120 euro

Titanium brake pad shields for Sti brembo /Lancer Evo calipers Front &...

This set made to prevent brake fluid boiling and caliper dust boots destruction. Low thermal conductivity titanium alloy . 4x front shims 08mm & 4x […]

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экрана 2017-03-18 в 14.44.10


Titanium brake pad shims Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 6,7,8,9,X. 1.0mm!

4x front titanium brake pad shims. 1.05 mm! This made to shield brake caliper from brake pad heat. No more brake fluid boiling ,dust boots […]

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экрана 2017-03-12 в 17.25.25


Subaru 4+2 pot caliper titanium pad shims .

Brake pad heat shields kit 4x front and 4x rear shims for WRX 4 pot and 2 pot calipers : Titanium brake pad shims set […]

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Titanium brake pistons for Ap Racing calipers. 5555/5060/5070 etc

Titanium pistons for ap racing caliper: Titanium piston made to reduce heat transfer from hot brake pads. Titanium offers up to 28 times lower heat […]

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350 euro

Titanium lug nuts and studs.

Titanium wheel lug nuts and stud set : -Titanium fasteners are known tendency to galling,this set comes with titanium nitride coated studs.It is a special […]

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125 euro

titanium axle nut set.

Titanium ti6-4 axle nuts for lancer evo shaft. Light and strong. Made from heat treated titanium ti6al4v.Shot peening after machining. Ti-N coating as an option. […]

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Titanium caliper brake pistons : brembo,Alcon,PFC,Ap Racing.

Special set made from titanium ti6al-4v for your needs. Alcon pistons for 6 pot Car97 caliper,Brembo road set and track pistons without dust boots groove. […]

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экрана 2016-12-27 в 0.50.48


M12x1.25 titanium lug nuts. Subaru etc.

Titanium lug nut set for sale. New 20 pieces set. Made from titanium 6-4 grade 5. both m12x1.5 and m12x1.25 base 35mm long this nut […]

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экрана 2016-10-27 в 20.41.07

80 eur.

Titanium exhaust studs M10x1.25 Subaru etc. 52mm

Titanium has low thermal conductivity,and it almost does not change at high temperatures.Made for subaru ej20-25 and any engine with m10x1.25 exhaust stud pitch .No […]

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экрана 2016-10-27 в 18.05.28

320 eur.

Titanium 30mm lug nuts. M12x1.5 : Lancer Evo,BMW etc.

20 x lug nuts made from titanium ti6al4v perfect smooth threads made with Sandvik CNC tooling. 17mm socket. Matt/hand polished/anodized surface coating for free. PVD […]

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экрана 2016-10-27 в 17.15.32

345 eur.

Titanium wheel studs for subaru etc. 80mm long. M12x1.25

For sale titanium stud set. 20 pieces. 80 mm long. 14.38 knurl (subaru size ) and 14.35 if needed for another car. M12x1.25 pitch. Titanium […]

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экрана 2016-10-27 в 17.10.14

410 eur.

Titanium lancer evo wheel studs. 65mm. Titanium nitride coating.

Titanium wheel studs with ti-n PVD coating to prevent galling. Made with EVO m12x1.5 thread and 14.35 knurl. 20 x 65mm studs in set.

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Снимок экрана 2016-09-25 в 14.39.22


Titanium lug bolts BMW,Megane etc. M12x1,5

Titanium Lug bolts for sale. This is BMW design,but fits other cars as megane RS. Set made from heat treated ti6-4 titanium.Thread rolled after heat […]

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Снимок экрана 2016-09-25 в 14.32.11

85 euro

Alcon,Ap Racing caliper 5555,car97,5060 etc

Titanium shielding to prevent boiling and dusty boots/caliper destroy. Made for car 97 6 pot caliper and 5555/5570 /5060 popular ap racing calipers. Please send […]

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185 euro

Brembo brake bobbins,made from titanium ti6al4v.20 bobbins in set

20x titanium brake bobbins for 355 + mm rotor. Made from ti6al4v titanium. This bobbin transfers minimum heat from brake rotor because of low thermal […]

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300 euro

Titanium turbocharger backplate for Garrett

Titanium backplate can dramatic reduce air intake temperature. This one made for garrett turbochargers as gt28 or 30. Please send your personal request if bespoke […]

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Subaru titanium wheel studs. 76mm

Titanium 20x studs in set. Made with 14.35 subaru/nissan (gtr etc) knurl. 76mm long. DLC coated to prevent galling. Have 40mm open/closed ended lug nuts […]

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Снимок экрана 2016-09-25 в 13.59.03

355 euro

Lancer Evo titanium wheel studs.

New set. Made from ti6al4v alloy. PVD titanium nitride coating. m12x1.5.14.35 evo knurl. Have m12x1.5 lug nut set for sale.Please check another AD.

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