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Skoda Fabia R5 2019 parts

  • Price: POA
  • Telephone: +35223620222
  • City: ELL
  • Country: Luxembourg
  • Listed: februari 16, 2023 1:37 pm
  • Expires: 54 days, 21 hours
  • Ad id: 624315


List of parts: New parts -30% and used parts -50%
Turbocharger gasket (New)
O-ring 43×3 Turbocharger (New)
Turbocharger (New)
Air filter (New)
rear headlight left (New)
Air Canal L and R
Bracket of brake canal R and L (L New)
Fender bracket upper R and L
Bumper grill
Cooler tube connecting
Tube connecting (New)
Samco sport E45-32 blue (New)
Hose heater In (New)
Hose heater cabin IN and OUT (New)
Boost valve hose
Differential radiator
Brakes support (New)
Intercooler seat v(New)
Wiper arm R and L^(New)
Door latch R and L (New)
Door handle (New)
Mirror R (New)
Door extension protection R (New)
Bowden outer (New)
Bowden front (New)
Camlock (New)
Bolt M8x22 (New)
Horn (New)
Bond ISPOFLEX 50 white (New)
Locking catch (New)
Strut dowel lower (New)
Nut silenblock M18x1,5 (New)
Exhaust gas temp sensor (New)
Fuel pump
Shim pre-load 0,9125mm (New)
Ambient air pressure and temp (New)
bonded washer 1/2 BSP nitrile (New)
Drain plug (New)
High voltage fog lighting power
wheel stud
Stud damper adaptor
Strut dowel upper (New)
Damper adaptor bolt
Bolt M8x45
Spring washer M8 (New)
Oil pressure sensor (New)
camshaft position sensor (New)
Engine oil temp sensor (New)
Lambda sensor (New)
Turbo speed sensor (New)
Gearbox loom (New)
Crankshaft position sensor (New)
Gear shift sensor (New)
Drivershaft nut (New)
Mirror loom
Thermostat Chamber (New)
Alternator Denso Assw (New)
Oil filter (New)
Throttle Body
Exhaust collar
Regular fuel pump
Ignition coils ziring looö (New)
Spark plug NGK RC (New)
Washer N4
Low pressure pump
Engine ground cable (New)
Oil filter Lid (New)
Belt 4PK1005 (New)
Turbcharger gasket
Attachment oil plug (New)
MAC valve-hose chamber
PA-Brake disk assy Brembo (New)
Brake pads CL RC8R (New)
Brake pads Endless (New)
Brake caliper hose (New)
PA-Fixing ring (New)
Windscreen wedge (New)
Brake bleeder (New)
Damper adaptor
Kingpin adaptor tarmac
Steering adaptor (New)
Tie rod front
inner ball joint (New)
Uniball carier
Wheel bearing (New)
Wishbone arm
Bearing seal
Top-mount uniball advanced
F-point uniball basic (New)
Kingpin adaptor (New)
Boot clamp large rear
Tie rod rear (New)
gimball rubber (New)
Housewarming rubber (New)
Seal adaptor ring (New)
Wheel hub nut (New)
Axial sealing ring (New)
Wheel hub bearing (New)
Clutch Sachs
Gear set 13;27 3rd
Gear set 12:43/12:33 1st and 2nd
Gear set 15:24 4th
Gear set 18:23 5th
44/85 ramp
O-ring 35×2 (New)
Filter 125 micron (New)
AP Clutch release CP6859-1254
Boot SX joint (New)
Bowden cable assembly
Fixed joint grease
Plunger joint grease (New)
Camber spacer 22/18 – 27/18 – 21/17 – 03/18 – 10/16 – 47/15
Friction plate 2,02mm
Shim Pre-load 1,2125 – 0,7625 – 0,8375 – 0,6875 – 1,0625 (New)
Stabilize bar front and rear
Front bumper assy
Water cooler grill
Rivet 3×8 Al/Steel
Washer M4
Rivet 4×10 Al/steel
Washer M6
Bolt M6x20 Al
Washer M5
Tightening rubber
Ledge bracket
TY-Rap TY232MX black
Bolt M4x16 imbus
Rear bumper
Fog lamp L
Nut M6 low
Threaded pin
Rubber pad
Nut M4 self-locking
Adaptive ring
Xenon lamp with connector
Add reflector Hella
Bolt M4x20
Propshaft 50×2,0m
Airbox front part
Left rear window clear – Ventilation (New)
Lot of screws
Sumpguard assy fee
Tunnel stoneguard Fe wide assy
Diff stoneguard Fe wide assy
asked the list for the price

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