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Argumentative Essay Writing: Do's and Don'ts

The multiple writing assignments that a university student must complete are enough to drive anyone insane. A university-level essay's tight criteria and writing limits add extra levels of difficulty to an already arduous work of academic writing. Likewise, writing an argumentative essay is not easy. An argumentative essay is a piece of writing where you defend your opinion by providing fact-based arguments to persuade the reader. In simple words, you try to convince the reader to agree to your point by giving authentic evidence. Just search for a reliable essay writing service to get your work done within a desirable time or take guidance from the essay experts.

To make someone agree to your point is tricky. Nevertheless, not a Herculean task. Follow these do's and don'ts to become a skillful essay writer:


Comprehend the Prompt First:

It is necessary to understand the prompt before starting to write the essay. Many students randomly choose a topic and start writing before comprehending it. However, if you have not understood the topic properly, you are going to be stuck in the middle while writing. Or maybe you will write the entire essay wrong. Therefore, first, understand the topic. Then start writing.

Take a position

Remember! An argumentative essay always has two sides. You are supposed to either agree to a point or disagree with it.

Bring Forth Debatable Arguments

Taking a position does not mean you have to describe what you want to say. Rather, you have to provide arguments that why you agree to a point or why you disagree with it. And an argument is always debatable.

Follow the TEAR formula

Students often get confused, how I will write my paper. Even if you have sound arguments and sufficient evidence to prove your point, you won’t be able to persuade the reader if you do not follow a proper structure. So here is the best formula. Use TEAR structure: Topic sentence, Evidence, Analysis of evidence and Relate back to the thesis. This way you can write a perfect argumentative essay.

Present Equally Balanced Arguments

Although you have to choose one side and defend it, yet you have to present what the other side thinks about it. You have to provide the opponent's stance and their premises. However, you will negate the opponent’s stance with a counter-argument. In addition, if you could provide the opponent's stance's evidence, it will make your argument sound while refuting it.

Use Valid Reasoning

In your thesis statement, you will be stating your stance along with the reasoning that why you believe in a certain thing. While providing your argument, you have to be logical. Use deductive or inductive reasoning when you present your point of view.

Support Your Stance with Evidence

Unless you provide evidence, your argument will not be sound. Therefore, always support your argument with a fact, example, or evidence from an authentic source.


Submitting your essay without proofreading is a waste of effort. You should make sure that your essay is perfect (flawless). So, ask someone to proofread your essay. If there is no one, consult TheEssayWritingService.com.

Cite the Sources

You must add citations while giving evidence. It persuades the reader to agree with your point when you use a reliable source and cite them in your essay. Moreover, it saves you from the theft of ideas. So it is prudent to add citations in your paragraph.

Use Sandwich Rule

This rule encompasses adding a premise to the evidence and illustrating it after quoting it. In other words, it is a general rule to provide your premise (why you believe in a certain idea or claim) before writing down the evidence. After that, you illustrate the evidence that how it is relevant to your point of view.

So, would save you from a lot of hassles and get a perfect paper written by dissertation writing services. These were the do’s to become a professional essay writer. But there are certain things that you must avoid doing. So have a glance at them.


Describe Your Point of View

Do not describe the given topic. You have to give arguments in the argumentative essay. So you must contend why you believe in a certain proposition

Make a General Statement

Do not state a general statement while taking a stance. Your statement or topic sentence should be narrow and focused. Each of your topic sentences of the body paragraph should link to your thesis statement.

Focus on Your Stance Only

Do not simply state your point. You have to see your opponent's point of view. Focusing only on your idea will not persuade the reader unless you negate the opponent's stance. You have to prove why you are in the right position and why the other is wrong.

Use Circular Reasoning

Do not present an argument in which each part relies on the other. It is a logical fallacy. Reasoning involves deductions or induction. You have to prove with evidence that you believe in a certain thing because there is a valid reason. Sometimes it can be difficult to write a paper and, in such cases, you can always hire a custom essay writing service to assist you in your task. It would save you from a lot of hassles and you can get a perfect paper written by a professional essay writer.

Appeal to the Authority

Do not claim that something is right because someone has said that. It is illogical to say everything attracts each other because Newton has said that. You have to prove how things attract each other by using Newton's gravitational law.

Use Phrases Like ‘I believe’

Do not use expressions like 'I Believe' or 'in my opinion' etc. It is because an argumentative essay is a type of academic writing. And in academic writing, you do not use the first person.

Provide Signposting

Do not use signposting. It refers to the phrases which indicate that you are going to discuss something that you said earlier. For example, the above idea states, etc.

End Abruptly

Do not come to a conclusion abruptly. Write a concluding paragraph by restating your thesis statement. Do not just repeat what you stated in the introduction, but assert that how you come to a certain conclusion.

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