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Tips to Write Logical and Easily Defendable Thesis Statemen

IEEE format!
This one is not your common citation format. Most of the other formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, etc are pretty much all the same. But IEEE is different.
I know for a fact that this style was based on the Chicago format but its basics are pretty different. As an essay writer, I know that this style is mostly used in the field of computer science even though IEEE stands for the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers.
This doesn’t really matter though. Not really.

What matters is that you should know all the basics about this format. So, whenever your professor asks you to write in IEEE, you won’t have a problem at all.
So, let us have a look at the two MOST basic elements of IEEE format.

Element #1: In-text Citations

Yeah, what are those?
Ok, so let's take a scenario here. Suppose that you have to write my essay. Well, in this paper, you will need to provide evidence. But you can’t just copy-paste something from the internet. That’s plagiarism.
So, how do you avoid that? Well, you use in-text citations. 

These citations are references to the source which is giving you the information that you have mentioned in your essay. So, like, if you say that a few key cities in the world will become unlivable due to heat strokes then you HAVE to mention where you got that information.
Here, you will mention this information in brackets.
Usually, we mention the name of the author and the year in which they said this in round brackets like this (name, year). But, it's different for IEEE.

What’s different for IEEE?

In IEEE format, we don’t do (name, year). You can contact any essay writing service and they will tell you the same. If you want to use in-text citations in IEEE then you use numbers and you put them in SQUARE brackets.
Like so, [1].
So, let's say that you mention a quote in your essay. You will simply put [number] in front of the quote.
You will use number 1 for the 1st citation, 2 for the second, and so on.

Element #2: References

Now that we have established in-text citations, I need to tell you what those numbers mean. The number that you mentioned in your in-text citations, well they correspond to the references that you will mention on the last page of your essay.
You will mention a LIST of references, and that list will be numbered. So like your [1] will refer to a specific source. It will be written like this…
[1] Reference

How do you write this reference?

Well, it's different for different things that you can cite but as an essay writer I can tell you the basic thing here.
Like, if you want to cite a book and a journal article then their references will be different from one another. But lemme show you the gist of it, ok?
Example for a website:
[5] Emarketer.org. "Social Networking Only Gets To One in Four People Around the Globe." Available: HTTP:// [ insert website address here], Jan. 16, 2012. [Accessed: July.14, 2015].

There are a few things to consider here…

First comes the name of the website.
Second, comes the name of the article on the website.
Third, you have to mention the word “Available: ” as it is.
Fourth, you need to insert the web address aka the URL of the website where I have mentioned. Note that this address starts with “HTTP://” or “HTTPS://”.
Fifth, you will mention the date on which this article was PUBLISHED.
Sixth, you will mention the keyword “Accessed” as it is in brackets.
And at last, you will mention the date on which you accessed or opened the website.

What else do I need to know?

Yes, there is more. 
Now that you know the major things, you only need to have a look at basic paper formatting before write my essay for me so that you can format your paper according to IEEE standards.

Font? Times or Times New Roman.

Font Size? 10.

Spacincing? Single-spaced.

Indentation? 1/4th inch which is approximately equal to 0.7 inches.

Text Justification? Yes.

Figures and Table? Can be included.

Figures and Table Caption? In font Helvetica, font size 10, and boldface.

Abstract? Included.

Abstract Details? In font Times or Times New Roman, font size 10, and italicized. No more than 150 words.

Title? Yes, in font Times New Roman, font size 14, and boldface.

Headings? Can be included.

First Order Heading? In font Times, font size 12, boldface and flushed to the left.

Second-Order Heading? In font Times, font size 11, boldface and flushed to the left.

Third Order Heading? Highly discouraged. In font Times, font size 10, boldface, flushed to the left and ending in a period. Text will begin on the SAME line as the heading.

Footnotes? Use sparingly, only if needed.

Note: Headings should have one space before them and one space after them.

So, these are the basics that will let you survive writing in IEEE format.

I get that it can be super confusing, so I suggest that you get in touch with an essay writing company if you are facing any trouble. These companies help guide new writers so it should be perfect for you too.

You will just have to make sure that you don’t get in touch with those scammers who just want to steal your money.

Instead, get in touch with a legit essay writing company and order a paper in IEEE format. Then you can understand how a professional paper is written.

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