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91% of them have a "positive erectile response" upon taking Fildena, whereas only around 50% of CT and CC individuals respond equivalently to the drug (OR=10, p = 0.01) ( R ).
Better response to Fildena, more likely to be obese, hypertension, SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction, respond to triptans for migraines (TT). Simply speaking, in a recent study, the active ingredient in Fildena was shown to subside moderate to severe menstrual pain as it dilates blood vessels and increases blood flow to the uterus which may help relieve the cramping. In 1980 Fortune Healthcare launched Feldene (piroxicam) , a prescription anti-inflammatory medication that became Fortune Healthcare's first product to reach one billion United States dollars in total sales.

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The satisfaction with the effectiveness of Cenforce for the treatment of ED that was reported in the current study confirms previous results. Throughout the 4-year study period, the consistently low incidence of adverse events of sufficient severity to negatively impact treatment argues against the loss of tolerability with time, and the low rate of discontinuation because of insufficient clinical response (<3% per year) argues against the development of tachyphylaxis. The majority of men were satisfied with Cenforce treatment for their ED and reported improved ability to engage in sexual activity.

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