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Alcohol Beyond the Bottles and Ice
bowmore whisky that typically comes to mind when thinking about alcohol is how to make cocktails. People can make their favorite drinks, know which wine they prefer, and may enjoy a beer or two during the weekends. What some people do not realize is the alcohol can be used to add flavor to many different foods. There are jura whisky like chicken Marsala and beer battered shrimp, but the possibilities are virtually endless.


Beer is used in many foods, such as stews, batters, marinades, and chili. When a recipe calls for beer, it rarely distinguishes any specific type. Any beer will do but different beers alter the outcome of the taste. There is an article by Kevin Gibson regarding beer for chili that is posted on an alcohol website.

A red ale will add some sweetness to the chili. This is a great way to balance the spice, especially if the batch is very spicy. A stout beer will add some depth to the dish. Those looking for a beer to enhance the peppers and add a unique bite to the chili will want to try a pale ale. Experiment with beers to determine which is your favorite to add to the chili.


The sweetness of some hard liquor lends itself nicely to desserts. A bourbon chocolate cake, Kahlua ice cream, Jello shots with vodka, and rum cake are all simple to make and taste amazing. bowmore whisky cooks out of most baked desserts and leaves behind added flavor. Spirits also add a kick to fruit salad, appetizers, side dishes, and punches. Adults will want to see Alcohol Professor, which is a popular website dedicated to all aspects of alcohol.

Be Careful

Not all the alcohols used in dishes cooks out. Sometimes it is a major component of the end result, like the shots with vodka and some dessert toppings made with brandy. Foods intended for the whole family, the workplace, friends, or even as a contribution to a bake sale should not contain alcohol. If items for consumption include alcohol, make sure that fact is clearly indicated.

Tape a note to the bowl, place a sign near the serving dish, or make an announcement so everyone is aware of the presence of alcohol. People may be allergic, in recovery, on medications, driving later, or simply choose not to imbibe liquor. Cooks and bakers can see more here regarding suggestions for responsible use of alcohol in foods.

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